Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs
exerting torque forces in the opposite direction

A torsion spring is a spring that absorbs and stores mechanical energy when it is subjected to twisting. While being twisted, the spring exerts torque forces in the opposite direction in an amount determined by the degree by which it is twisted. Another type of torsion spring is the helical torsion spring. These springs are coiled wire in the shape of a helix that is twisted about the axis of the coil. As sideways forces are applied to the ends of the spring, the coil twists tighter.

Whenever there is a need for rotational torque forces, torsion springs can be used to store and release energy. Cook Spring has the latest technology available that can manufacture the most complicated torsion springs. Our equipment has the ability to form legs with compound angles and multiple bends complete on the machine eliminating the need for secondary operations.

Springs designed to exert a specific amount rotary force, our mission is to make that amount exactly to your needs.

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