Extension Springs

Extension Springs
loops or hooks of any size or shape

Extension springs are springs that attach to both ends of other pieces. They store energy and exert a pulling force. When the spring is extended, the force stored in the body is transferred to the mating components through the hooks or loops. Furthermore, extension springs actually soak up and house energy, to create a resistance to another pulling energy. It’s the initial tension that ultimately determines how tightly together the extension spring is wound.

Cook Spring has the latest spring forming technology the industry has to offer so we are capable manufacturing loops or hooks of nearly any size or shape to best serve your application. We are a custom manufacturer that designs springs and provide custom solutions on a daily basis so if you need assistance with an extension spring please do not hesitate to contact us.

Expertly designed to absorb and store energy in any application. With limitless possibilities we can ensure the right fit for all customers.

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