Medical Coil Pipes
provide cutting-edge technology for superior control

Cook Spring has developed proprietary equipment designed and built in-house specifically to meet and exceed the increasingly demanding requirements of Medical Device Manufacturers that use long coil pipes often used in various catheter systems. Our new, cutting-edge technology gives us superior control over critical specifications allowing us to manufacture the most consistent, smooth and kink free coils available. The equipment is housed inside a brand new clean room giving our customers assurance that we are manufacturing in a clean, controlled environment. Coil pipes are used in therapeutic catheters, ultrasound catheters, diagnostic catheters, robotic-assisted endoscopic surgery systems, biopsy forceps, endovascular catheters, neurovascular micro-catheters, cardiac catheter ablations systems and many more.

Spring guides specifically designed for the medical industry. These flexible coil pipes can be designed for any intravenous or catheter application.

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