Custom Torsion Springs

: a spring usually of coil type used to apply torque or store rotational energy.

: a flexible elastic object that stores mechanical energy when twisted.

A  helical torsion spring is used to apply or resist torque or twisting forces.  Single and double torsion springs are the most common and they can either be close coiled or pitched, which aids in reducing  friction between coils.  Generally, a torsion spring works over a shaft or arbor and must be supported at three different points.  If possible, a custom torsion spring should always be designed to function and load in the direction that makes the diameter smaller because the residual forming stresses are more favorable this way.  The legs of the springs are usually attached to the mating components that will be exerting the force on the spring.  Since every application is different, the ends often require custom shapes to help facilitate spring mounting.  For that reason, Cook Spring has the latest custom torsion spring forming technology available and decades of experience to help design and manufacture the most effective, repeatable and consistent solutions possible.  Our cutting-edge spring manufacturing equipment allows us to form custom legs with compound angles and shapes completely by machine, eliminating the need for secondary operations.

With all forming operations being controlled and monitored by a computer, the precision we guarantee at our production volume is unparalleled.  We are proud of our reputation for excellence, especially in the Medical Industry.

We currently manufacture millions upon millions of custom torsion springs annually that are used daily in medical devices around the world.  Thanks to a world-class manufacturing facility and a quality control department that houses high-caliber equipment and our unique procedure that is second to none. At Cook Spring, we can boast a near 0% rejection rate. Even as a 100% custom spring manufacturer, our customers turn to Cook Spring to supply their most complex designs and take advantage of our design team to develop solutions for their most difficult custom torsion spring requirements.

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